7 IdeasTo Make Your Asheville Kitchen Remodel Outlast Design Fads

According to the 2014 Cost vs Value report, the cost of kitchen remodels is on the rise, averaging $109,000 for an upscale renovation and $55,000 for a mid-range transformation. When contemplating your next Asheville Kitchen Remodel, think about creating a space that will surpass trends and fads. 

Making up 61% up home improvement projects, kitchen remodels are typically the first room of any home to get remodeled. Home owners spend more time in the kitchen and master bathrooms than most other rooms of the house. Here are some tips to make your kitchen remodel last through design trends and fads. 

Asheville Kitchen Remodel
Asheville Kitchen Remodel

1) Simple Design

2) Open Space

3) White Countertops

4) Wood Flooring

5) Porcelain Tile

6) Less Grout

7) Cabinets With Soft Close Design