BathTub Repair & Refinishing

Like any do-it-yourself project, bathtub refinishing involves an order of operations. 1) Understand what is Involved.

Rid your tub of scum or soap residue, and be sure that chipped or pitted areas are filled with putty and sanded. Also, remove the drain cover, lever plate, and caulking around the tub's edge. Since you will be working with chemicals, wear adequate protective gear and keep the room well-ventilated throughout the process. Allow sufficient dry time between each application, and remember that once the project is complete, you won't be able to use the tub for three to five days—something to think about if it's your home's only bath.

2) Prepare for the Unexpected

You never know when a straightforward bathtub refinishing job can turn into an elaborate bathroom overhaul. Prepare for hidden surprises. You may have to replace walls, work on plumbing, and more after your dig deeper into your project. Older homes are full of surprises, so be ready for anything.

3) Consult a Professional

If you would rather not do the work yourself, professional bathtub refinishing may be an option worth pursuing, depending on where you live and how much you can spend. In your search for a local refinisher, don't forget to ask whether additional expenses (e.g., travel) are counted in the estimate. You can expect to pay between $300 and $650, according to the Professional Bathtub Refinishers Association.

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