How to incorporate recycled wood into your home.

Recycled Wood Design Recycled wood is reused wood taken from old buildings, decks, barns, ware houses, box cars and crates and is refinished and turned into other products. Typically used for siding and other decorative finishes, cabinets and dressers, flooring and furniture. Recycled (reclaimed) wood has become a style of the decade. Pinterest and DIY (Do-It-Yourself) websites featuring various projects, knick knacks and furniture to introduce or enhance this trend into your home. Top retailers like Pottery Barn and Restoration Hardware have picked up on this trend with a majority of their room selections adding a twist on this classic look.

Reclaimed Wood Design IdeasDue to popularity, incorporating recycled wood into your home may cost you more. If you have access to old wood, all you need are tools and some handyman knowledge to complete a do it yourself project. If you are looking to compliment your style at home with a recycled wood piece that is complete, you may spend more than you think. You could rummage yard sales, watch craigslist, visit antique shops or buy from big box retail stores to find your perfect addition, but your budget may dictate what you will find.

What does this mean for your kitchen? If you are looking to create reclaimed wood kitchen cabinets, finding the cabinet manufacturer will be the first step. With limited inventory, finding a dealer that can or will manufacturer this material may be a daunting task. However, reclaimed wood flooring may be more readily available, giving you a different perspective on how add this look to your home.

One thing to consider for your kitchen cabinets - using a wood certified for sustainable harvesting. The Forest Stewardship Council maintains a list of companies that meet this criteria. Another option for your home improvement cabinet project - replace the cabinet doors and drawer fronts, saving you one to two-thirds of having new cabinets installed.

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