Remodeling Asheville Questions- Removing A Stand Up Shower

stand-up shower ashevilleHomeSource Design Center of Asheville's Remodeling Tip of the Week: Let's say you have a 3 bedroom, 2 bathroom house. The main bathroom has a tub/shower combo. The second small bathroom off the kitchen, powder room size, has a stand-up shower. The shower is adjacent to the 3x3 closet in the master bedroom. You are considering removing the stand-up shower & making the master bedroom closet bigger, leaving just a toilet & sink in the second bathroom. Will this hurt the value of the home?

Full bathrooms (tub and shower combo/or separate shower and tub) are worth more then a partial bath would be. Taking value away by making the second bathroom "less functional" could potentially hurt resale value. A compromise would be remodeling the smaller bathroom with upgraded features while expanding the closet.