Why Cork Flooring Is A Good Idea

Cork Flooring AshevilleCork Flooring’s popularity is on the rise. Contrary to popular belief it is highly sustainable and functional. Made from the outer bark of the cork oak tree, cork is carefully harvested once every 9 years, allowing new bark to grow in its place and without ever damaging or killing the trees. Many are curious about cork. The look is unique, the feel adds more cushion to your step, and the complex structure absorbs sound. Naturally occurring air pockets in cork flooring make it soft and comfortable. The unique structure acts as a natural shock absorber, not only helping to prevent back and joint pain, it’s ability to reduce sounds transmission and vibration helps aid peace and quiet - adding comfort to your home.

2013 is taking healthier choices into consideration, making cork the natural selection. It organically repels dust, germs and mold and is maintained without harsh cleaners. It is a practical choice for bathrooms kitchens and kids rooms.

Unlike hardwood, cork is easy to install. Panels simply snap together without the use of any glue or other adhesive substances. The resilient surface has proven to last longer and require less maintenance than other flooring, saving you money, time & effort.

Cork flooring really is a safe and healthy choice for your home. Visit Asheville’s cork flooring specialist at the HomeSource Design Center to see samples of Eco Cork by Natural Cork. This brand is approved by Greenguard and Indoor Air Quality Certified.