Recycled Building Products You Need to Know About

Remodeling Green in Asheville North CarolinaGreen building has been inspired with progressive products that are beautiful and pure. If you are looking to build or remodel we have have found 7 products you need to know about and why these looks are both efficient and revolutionary. Green is in, let your home reflect your style and uniqueness with an eco-friendly twist. 1) Flooring- Enhance the beauty and warmth of your home with eco-friendly flooring made of bamboo, cork and certain species wood products.

2) Insulation- Energy-efficiency and renewable or recycled products to fit your project include cellulose, cotton fiber and recycled content fiber.

3) Heating Sources- Tankless hot water heaters and solar hot water systems are both advanced technologies that can help you save money and are better for the environment.

4) Countertops- Recycled glass countertops and recycled content tile offer a truly green concept when it comes to completing your kitchen or bath look.

5) Decking- If you are in the market for a deck, consider certified redwood, recycled content plastic & composite lumber.

6) Siding and Roofing- Fiber-cement siding and roofing offer environmentally sustainable options for the exterior of your home.

7) Skylights and Tunnels- Go natural. Allow more daylight and fresh air into any space with the addition of skylights or sun tunnels.

Green building materials offer specific benefits for the homeowner and are composed of renewable resources. Whether you are looking for energy conservation or reduced maintenance over the life of your home, these products will do the job and give you a look that is timeless.